Blending traditional values with a modern approach.

A consultancy business working alongside elite Discretionary Fund Manager partners, promoting their services to progressive advisory firms in expatriate markets.


At Cheyne & Co we believe in long-held traditional values and the benefits of long term investment. We also believe in harnessing the power of new technologies and skillsets to maximise wealth generation and preservation. That’s why we have carefully chosen world class investment partners who share our ethos and are truly focussed on giving your clients the confidence to invest now and over the long term.

Singular Focus

We focus on one thing, and one thing only – making the transition to investing easier for client.

Strong Investment Stewardship

We use our unique set of skills to ensure that our partners are truly best of breed, offering a combination of investment philosophies that cater for different client types.

We only work with Discretionary Fund Managers who offer market leading online investment tools that bring real comfort to clients - large or small.

Local Presence (here and there)

Many of the leading Discretionary Fund Managers are not located in the regions where expatriates are residing. That’s why our directors are located both in the UAE and the British Isles operating as the link between clients, advisers and DFMs.


Our dynamic investment partners have been selected to work alongside the advice you provide to clients. The goal being to allow you to focus on your key business drivers – supporting your clients and enhancing and protecting your book of business.


A solution that recognises the international individuals you support, and the transient nature of their lives which will see them move to and from various regions. This feature is vital throughout your client’s life journey - now, tomorrow and in the coming years.


Nick Griffin

BA Hons

Managing Director

“As client expectations shift and expand investment complexity is becoming a real challenge for traditional industry players. Leveraging new approaches to simplifying investment management will become a key differentiator for progressive advisory firms.”

Nick has a wealth of experience having spent 30+ years in the industry as a Sales and Commercial leader at the forefront of the International Finance & Insurance world. Most recently, Nick was the Chief Commercial Officer at Generali Worldwide / Utmost Group.

During Nick’s time at Generali he was responsible for the Global Sales Team and Regional Offices in Cyprus, Dubai, Hong Kong, Ireland, Panama and Singapore, In addition to opening new distribution channels with Retail and Private Banks, as well as leading projects for new licensed offices in the UAE.

His proficiency in relationship management and development allows Nick to

With his exemplary communication and negotiation skills, and his vast network of relationships on both the brokerage and life company side, Nick is very well recognised and regarded in his field.

Mark Maplesden


Sales Director

"We are beginning to see progressive advisory firms take a more liberalised approach to partnering with third party specialists, such as DFMs. This approach is enhancing their service, differentiating their offering and enabling them to truly focus on retaining and increasing AUM."

Having graduated from Keele University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Laws, Mark’s career now spans 15+ years of sales experience within the financial services industry.

Starting out under the guidance and mentorship of senior consultants within Aegon Scottish Equitable and Scottish Widows, Mark made his foray into financial planning and wealth management acquiring invaluable experience and qualifications along the way.

After a number of internal promotions and achieving great success within Scottish Widows in the UK market in both a pre and post-RDR (Retail Distribution Review) landscape, Mark was offered an opportunity with Generali International (now Utmost Worldwide) in the UAE and made the move. Over seven years on, Mark has developed a keen eye for detail in the offshore market and is vastly experienced in the challenges and opportunities faced by expatriates.

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