Balancing Emotion and Logic

Investors are not always rational, have limits to their self-control, and are influenced by their own biases. This can lead to inaction either at the outset or during their financial journey.

At Cheyne & Co this challenge of blending emotion and logic is our core focus, not just to give people the confidence to invest at the outset but to remain invested to ensure the best chance of reaching their long term goals.


Cheyne & Co believes that confidence is the key ingredient to building and retaining Assets Under Management. We combine market leading investment firms with behavioural economics to help investors to overcome the doubts and fears they face, helping them throughout their financial journey.

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In most walks of life we regularly defer to subject matter experts – doctors, dentists, accountants, electricians. And even within areas of expertise it is not uncommon to refer to further specialists – neurologists, engineers and tax experts.

Investing should be no different, while financial advisers are sound generalists, it is becoming more and more common to involve Discretionary Fund Managers as subject matter experts. This is at the heart of Cheyne & Co’s ethos.

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“Going with our gut” makes us more prone to emotional and social influences, delaying some decisions and impulsively acting on others.

Establishing logical decision-making processes can help ensure that clients stay true to the long-term ideals of investing.

Cheyne and Co’s objective position between you, the investment experts and your clients helps maintain the integrity of the investment process.

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Our years of experience have taught us to invest by preparing, by planning, and by making sure we precommit.

We will help you place your clients interests at the heart of the process, ensuring you address the emotive needs in your proposition, sales activation and in-life management processes.

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